This article is about the Dark mage found in the Abyss. For the Dark mage found in West Ardougne, see Dark Mage.
Dark mage chathead

The Dark mage is located at the centre of the Abyss. He can repair damaged pouches for free and give back an Abyssal book and/or Small pouch to the player if lost. Note that it's not needed to actually bring him the pouches, because he can repair them even while they are in the player's bank. An alternative is to contact him with the lunar NPC Contact spell however this spell will only work if the player has met the Dark Mage beforehand. This is a no risk option for pouch repairs. He seems to be wearing Beads of the dead.

His job as a Zamorakian disciple is to maintain the rift so that the ZMI (and players who've completed the mini-quest) can access it. If talked to, he will offer a dire set of consequences if he fails in this task (including head explosion, if lucky, or universe explosion, if not-so-lucky).

It is said that the Dark Mage can stay in the Abyss for a long period of time because time in the Abyss passes slowly compared to the time in the RuneScape Realm, so the Dark mage does not need feeding (according to the Mage of Zamorak who teleports players to the Abyss)

The anagram "Dekagram", from clue scrolls, leads to the dark mage. The answer to his question is "13".

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