Not to be confused with Dark mage (Abyss).

Dark mage (Underground Pass) chathead.png

The Dark mage is a Zamorakian mage who can be found close to the entrance of the Underground Pass in West Ardougne. He resides in a tower just ahead of the Underground Pass, which is in better shape that most of the other buildings in the town.

Players can pay him an additional 200,000 coins to create Iban's staff (u), which will hold 2,500 charges instead of 120. The Iban's staff keeps its upgraded state after all charges have been used. When asked about fixing Iban's staff, he will shout "Almighty Zamorak! The Staff of Iban! This is truly dangerous magic, traveller. I can fix it, but it will cost you, the process could kill me." and then demands 200,000 coins. Upon fixing it he will comment "You be careful with that thing!"

As of an update on 31 August 2017, players who do not wish to make the trip to the well where the Iban's staff is charged may pay the dark mage 100,000 coins (250,000 if upgraded) to charge it for them instead.

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