Dashing kebbit icon.png

Dashing kebbits is a Hunter creature that requires level 69 Hunter to catch. It can only be caught with falconry, as it requires a falcon to catch. It is fast experience to hunt, because of the relative ease of capturing the kebbits. If a player attempts to catch a dashing kebbit without a falcon, the kebbit will escape.

They are sometimes hunted for their fur, which can be made into a spottier cape. Banking these furs can be quite a challenge if you haven't completed the Swan Song quest and don't have access to the fairy rings because the next closest bank is in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, which is a very long walk from the Falconry area.

If you attempt to catch a kebbit and fail, it will possibly try and move in any direction by 1 space. If it is obstructed by another kebbit, a player or anything obstructable will not allow it to move.

This training method is known for being one of the fastest Hunter training methods in the game. However, many players prefer to catch carnivorous chinchompas instead, because of the profit made catching them. 

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