David (Fossil Island) chathead

David is a NPC found at the Museum Camp on Fossil Island. He is part of the crew that players take during the Bone Voyage quest.


  • David: About these eggs… Odd colour, don’t cha think?
  • Player: The birds here are a little exotic, apparently.
  • David: Hmm, well, good effort, but I’ll pass on the grub this time.
  • Player: What if I gave you a box?
  • David: I’m not sure that’ll change my mind.
  • Player: If not a box, then what about a fox?
  • David: Nope.
  • Player: A mouse, a house? Would these change your mind?
  • David: For the love of Saradomin, please leave me be
  • Player: I will! I promise! Just try them and you’ll see.
  • David: Alright! Fine! I concede.
  • Player: ...
  • David: ...
  • Player: Thoughts?
  • David: Yeah, I guess they’re nice


The dialogue is a reference to Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham.

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