Davon's Amulet Store is a jewellery store in Brimhaven, owned by Davon. It stocks enchanted gem amulets, as well as holy symbols. It has a higher buying price and lower selling price to players wearing Karamja gloves 1 or higher.

The shop has no inventory of its own to sell, making it useful for getting rid of enchanted amulets as it will buy them for a higher price than other shops.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Holy symbol Holy symbol 0 360 225 382
Amulet of magic Amulet of magic 0 1,080 675 619
Amulet of defence Amulet of defence 0 1,530 956 985
Amulet of strength Amulet of strength 0 2,430 1,518 1,208
Amulet of power Amulet of power 0 4,230 2,643 2,126

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