Deadfall traps are a type of hunting trap employed in the deadfall-trapping Hunter technique. They can first be created at level 23 Hunter, allowing players to catch wild kebbits in the Piscatoris Hunter area. All dead-fall traps need a knife and some logs to be created and players will need to set up a trap in the appropriate, specified locations (click around the boulders). Rather than bringing the logs to make dead-fall traps, it's advisable that players bring a Woodcutting axe to cut their own logs at the hunting area, with the exception of Kruk's Dungeon, where a Kruk monkey greegree and bananas are needed to catch maniacal monkeys. Also, players need to have completed Monkey Madness II to do so.

Level Image Creature Location Exp Bait Drops Drop use
23 Wild kebbit icon.png Wild kebbit Piscatoris Hunter area (west) 128 Raw meat Kebbit claws, Bones Spiky vambraces
33 Barb-tailed kebbit icon.png Barb-tailed kebbit Feldip Hunter area 168 Raw rainbow fish Barb-tail harpoon, Bones Equipable harpoon
37 Prickly kebbit icon.png Prickly kebbit Piscatoris Hunter area (north-west) 204 Barley Kebbit spike, Bones Hunters' crossbow bolts
51 Sabre-toothed kebbit icon.png Sabre-toothed kebbit Rellekka Hunter area (south-west) 200 Raw meat Kebbit teeth, Bones Hunting potion
60 Monkey (Monkey Madness II).png Maniacal monkey Kruk's Dungeon 1000 Banana Damaged monkey tail or Monkey tail (1/5,000) Ballistae component

Baiting a dead-fall trap does increase the chances of catching prey slightly. The bait is not returned to the inventory after catching an animal. It is, however, returned upon the trap failing before any animal trips it. Another way to increase the success rate is to smoke the deadfall trap with a torch (requires a Hunter level of 39). Wearing hunter gear does not increase success rate.

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