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This article is about the location. For the quest, see Death Plateau.
Location on World Map
Golden Apple Tree Death Plateau (area) Wilderness
Warriors' Guild

The area in red is the main plateau. Tenzing's shack can be seen to the west.

The Death Plateau is a steep land formation (or in simple words, a plateau) northwest of Burthorpe, and directly north of the Warriors' Guild. This area is inhabited by various trolls. The plateau is NOT a multi-combat area, however the path leading around the plateau is riddled with Thrower Trolls and is multi-combat. Extreme caution is advised here, and players should take advantage of Protection prayers as certain monsters can hit very high here.


The easiest way to get to Death Plateau is by using a Games necklace or Minigame Group Finder, teleporting to the Burthorpe Games Room and walking northwest along the path. One can also use a combat bracelet to teleport to the Warriors' Guild.

Note that you will need climbing boots to pass the various rock obstacles on some paths.



Troll Stronghold

The plateau plays a part in a few quests:


The Plateau is occupied by Mountain trolls of various levels, which can be attacked from safe spots.