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[[File:Death Altar inside.png|thumb|right|Inside the Death altar.|300px]]
[[File:Death Altar outside.png|thumb|right|Outside the Death altar.|300px]]
The '''Death altar''' is a [[runecrafting altar]] accessible after partial completion of [[Mourning's End Part II]]. It is located within the [[Temple of Light]] and is used to craft [[death rune]]s from [[pure essence]], granting 10 [[Runecrafting]] experience.
As with most runecrafting altars, it can be accessed via the [[Abyss]] after completion of the [[Mourning's End Part II|quest]]. Players must have either a [[death talisman]] (obtainable from quest) or by wearing a [[death tiara]], unless you are accessing it via the Abyss.
As the altar is one of the least-accessible in terms of distance from a bank, it recommended to take the [[abyss]] route in order to craft a large amount of runes.
===The ruins===
Entering the ruins by walking requires entering the [[Temple of Light]] and using the following directions.
#Go up the stairs at the main entrance.
#Go south and up the ladder.
#Go the centre of the temple.
#Climb down the next stairs twice.
#Rotate the mirror to open the light door.
''Note'': When leaving, remember to rotate the mirror again for future visits.
A [[death tiara]] may be created at this altar by having a [[death talisman]] and a [[tiara|normal tiara]] in your inventory. The player must use the tiara on the altar. Doing so will earn 50 [[Runecrafting]] [[experience]].
*The main music, [[La Mort]], is French for "The Death".
*The ability to sell [[cat]]s to the citizens of [[West Ardougne]] for death runes was a {{WP|Chekhov's gun}} hinting that the Death altar is located near West Ardougne.
*It is the only altar with a stonehenge around it but has no stone blocks on top (it is replaced with a light).
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