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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{HasMMG|Crafting death runes through the Abyss}}
|exchange = gemw
|name = Death rune
|image = [[File:Death rune.png]]
|release = 17 March [[2001]]
|update = This weeks update
|members = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|stackable = Yes
|quest = No
|high = 108
|low = 72
|store = 220
|seller = Betty's Magic Emporium{{!}}Betty
|examine = Used for medium level missile spells.
|weight = 0
|destroy = Drop
[[File:Death rune detail.png|left|120px]]
'''Death runes''' are one of the [[runes]] used to cast spells in the [[Magic]] skill. They are required to cast medium-level missile spells. Members with 65 [[Runecrafting]] and who have completed [[Mourning's Ends Part II]] can craft death runes at the [[death altar]] by using [[pure essence]] on it, with each essence yielding one death rune. Each death rune yields 10 runecrafting experience. Players with 99 Runecrafting will always craft two death runes per essence.
Several monsters, such as [[ankou]]s, [[nechryael]]s, and [[dark beast]]s, commonly drop death runes. Death runes can also be bought from all [[Magic shops]] with a stock of 250, except for the shop on [[Ape Atoll]]. They can be found in the [[Barrows]] Chest with at least 631{{CiteTwitter|author=Mod Kieren|url=|quote=You guys wanted info on Barrows loot, here it is... Full size: [] Explained the best I can!|date=3 Mar 2016}} rewards potential.
Death runes can also be dropped by any monster which has access to the [[rare drop table]].
== Spells requiring Death rune ==
The spells that require death rune to cast are shown below.
* [[Wind Blast]]
* [[Water Blast]]
* [[Iban Blast]]
* [[Magic Dart]]
* [[Earth Blast]]
* [[Fire Blast]]
* [[Tele Block]]
* [[Teleport to Bounty Target]]
* [[Vengeance Other]]
* [[Vengeance]]
* [[Trident of the seas]]/[[Trident of the swamp|swamp]]
* All damaging [[Ancient Magicks]] spells
==Dropping monsters==
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Infernal Mage|Combat=66|Quantity=7|Rarity=Common}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Brine rat|Combat=70|Quantity=7|Rarity=Common}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Dark beast|Combat=182|Quantity=20|Rarity=Common}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=King Black Dragon|Combat=276|Quantity=7-45|Rarity=Common}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Rune dragon|Combat=380|Quantity=40-100|Rarity=Common}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=K'ril Tsutsaroth|Combat=650|Quantity=120-124|Rarity=Common}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Rare drop table|Combat=Varies|Quantity=45|Rarity=Uncommon|Raritynotes=<small>(1/64)</small>}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Fire elemental|Combat=35|Quantity=1|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Lesser demon|Combat=82|Quantity=3|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Greater demon|Combat=92|Quantity=5|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Skeletal Wyvern|Combat=140|Quantity=40|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Chaos Elemental|Combat=305|Quantity=125|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Kalphite Queen|Combat=333|Quantity=175|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Abyssal Sire|Combat=350|Quantity=200-300|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Moss giant|Combat=42|Quantity=2|Rarity=Rare}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Ice giant|Combat=53|Quantity=2-4|Rarity=Rare}}
{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Hill giant|Combat = 28|Quantity = 2|Rarity = Rare}}{{ItemDropsLine|Monster=Iron dragon|Combat=189|Quantity=15|Rarity=Rare}}
*A [[cat]] can be given to a civilian in [[West Ardougne]] in exchange for 100 death runes (200 with Ardougne's easy diary completed). Kittens and Lazy cats will not work. An [[Overgrown Cat]] is fine.
*Death runes in [[Barbarian Assault]] alch for 0 coins.
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