For the possible rewards from Treasure Trails, see Ornamental armour.

Decorative armour is one of the rewards available from Castle Wars. There are three colours available: red, white, and gold. All of these colours have some sort of blue trim in the design.

Currently, there are only three sets of armour available. On 16 January 2014, Magic and Ranged sets were introduced as rewards, and consist of the hat, top and bottom for Magic and top, bottom and quiver for Ranged.

Each colour armour corresponds to an armour type. They go as follows:

Colour Red White Gold
Image Red decorative helm Red decorative body Red decorative legs/Red decorative skirt Red decorative shield White decorative helm White decorative body White decorative legs/White decorative skirt White decorative shield Gold decorative helm Gold decorative body Gold decorative legs/Gold decorative skirt Gold decorative shield
Steel Mithril Adamant

The set

The set includes:

Only one colour set can be saved in the armour case of the costume room of a player-owned house.


All costs are in castle wars tickets.
Part Red White Gold
Helmet 4 40 400
Platebody 8 80 800
Platelegs 6 60 600
Plateskirt 6 60 600
Sword 5 50 500
Shield 6 60 600
  • A full Red set costs 35 tickets.
  • A full White set costs 350 tickets.
  • A full Gold set costs 3500 tickets; it would take 486 hours to get full gold if you won every game (not counting the waiting time in between games).

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