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Rogues' Castle
Lava Dragon Isle Demonic Ruins Fountain of Rune
Bone Yard

A player in the Demonic Ruins.

The Demonic Ruins, formerly known as Annakarl, is a desecrated temple that is located in the level 44-48 Wilderness. Players who are within range of the ruins will have their Prayer points recharged at a rate of 1 point every 3 seconds.

The Ancient Magicks spell Annakarl Teleport or the teleport tablet equivalent can take players here.

The ruins are a multicombat area and are notable for being the only place to find greater demons on free-to-play worlds. Players can use Ranged and Magic attacks to fight the greater demons from safespots in the ruins. Players can restock on food at the nearby cage/harpoon fishing spot if they bring logs (or an axe to chop the dead trees) and a tinderbox.

Blood runes and burnt bones respawn in various places around the Demonic Ruins.

Warning: As this area is located in the Wilderness, other players may attack you here. Do not bring items that you are not willing to lose.


  • There was once a bug where using the Teleport to Bounty Target spell could cause players to get stuck under a pile of burnt bones, where they could not perform any action. This has since been fixed.