Desert robes are useful in the desert south of the Shantay Pass to help combat the oppressive heat. Even with robes, waterskins are needed to cross the desert by foot. They can be bought from Shantay, along with a matching desert shirt and desert boots.

A desert robes set is needed for The Tourist Trap, where the player exchanges the robes with a slave who wishes to make a break for freedom for his old slave robes which allows you to act as a slave and enter the mines to rescue Ana. The slave robes can also allow you to visit the mines after the quest, but it is not recommended as there is no near bank.

In the Shadow of the Storm quest, a desert robe can be turned into a black desert robe using black mushroom ink. This can also be done with a desert shirt to create a black desert shirt. Note that black desert robes do not provide protection from desert heat.

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