Location on World Map
Mage Arena Deserted Keep Resource Area
Lava Dragon Isle

A player in the Deserted Keep.

Deserted Keep map.png

The Deserted Keep is an abandoned keep surrounded by lava, located deep in the Wilderness. It spans level 50 to 54, and is found to the east of the Mage Arena. A spider web blocks the entrance to the keep, so, unless someone else has slashed it recently, you will need a knife or a weapon with a slash attack style to enter or exit the keep.

Teleport lever

There is a lever in East Ardougne and Edgeville that when pulled, teleports the player to the Deserted Keep. Likewise, there is a lever in the Deserted Keep that can teleport players back to East Ardougne. If you exit the keep to the east, beware of the Chaos Elemental, and keep an eye out for player killers.

Pulling the lever in Edgeville, then pulling the lever at the keep, will still only teleport you to Ardougne. Players who have completed the easy Wilderness Diary can right-click the lever to choose their destination.

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