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Dessous, the Harvester of Blood, is a vampyre lord who owns some territory north of Castle Drakan. He must be killed during the Desert Treasure quest. The player is told of Dessous by Malak, one of the four guardians of the Diamonds of Azzanadra, who wants him dead in order to claim Dessous' land as his own. In order to achieve this, Malak tells the player that Dessous guards the diamond and if they wish to retrieve it they must eliminate him; it is when the player encounters Malak after the fight that he confesses that he is the real guardian and that Dessous was just an enemy of his, and then gives the diamond to the player as a reward for their troubles.

He can be fought in the Nightmare Zone after the quest is complete.


The routes to the Graveyard.

The Graveyard, in the south-east of Mort Myre Swamp.


To begin the fight, players must use a blessed silver pot containing blood, garlic and spice on his grave. Dessous uses two attacks: a rapid melee attack (the same speed as darts) which is accurate and can hit up to 19, and a bat attack indicated by bats flying towards the player, with Dessous saying "Hssssssssssss", which is half Magic, half Ranged, each inflicting 5 hitpoints for a total of 10 hitpoints. The delay in which this attack hits the player seems to be random.

Dessous will detect a player's protection prayers and switch attack style accordingly. Players who will not be wearing melee Barrows armour are advised to activate Protect from Melee, otherwise players who are should use Protect from Magic/Protect from Missiles so that he will only use melee.

If players try to hit Dessous from a long distance away, he will teleport next to them, and if Dessous teleports three times he will get "bored of toying with you" and go back to his grave (this means the player will have to refill the silver pot and start the fight again).

Dessous is weak to Magic, especially Wind spells, as well as Ranged and Stab. Iban Blast and Trident of the seas/swamp are also effective.

Dessous is immune to the effects of rings of recoil.

If any part of the quest is not followed correctly (for example, if the pot is not blessed), Dessous will say "You will never defeat me" when reduced to 0 life points and regenerate all his life points, ready to fight again, so be careful! To avoid this keep full concentration at all times while making the blessed pot of blood.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Vampyre dust.png Vampyre dust 1 Always [1] 763
  1. Only dropped when fought in the Nightmare Zone.


  • Dessous is a French word that means "beneath".