Instruction manual
This is the quick guide for Devious Minds.
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Start point Quest point icon Talk to the Monk in Paterdomus, next to the temple on the River Salve (near Morytania).
Official difficulty Experienced
Description No-one likes to miss a good ceremony, least of all a poor lowly monk who needs your assistance! Will you be able to aid him and make his dreams come true?
Length Short
Items required
(You will lose all 3 items!)


Enemies to defeat None


Starting out

Items required: None

  • Talk to the monk outside of the Paterdomus temple, which is east of Varrock. (Chat 1)

A strange weapon

Items required: Mithril 2h sword, bow string

A gift for Entrana

Items required: Bow-sword, large pouch



Devious Minds reward scroll

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