This article is about Barrows brother Dharok the Wretched. For his armour set, see Dharok the Wretched's equipment.

Dharok the Wretched is the second oldest of the six Barrows brothers. Dharok's crypt is located in the north-east of the Barrows area. He uses melee equipment, which make him vulnerable to Magic attacks. Dharok's set effect is Wretched Strength, which increases his max hit by 1% for each Hitpoint he is missing.

Due to him being able to hit up to 64 at 1 hitpoint remaining, it is strongly recommended to keep Protect from Melee active at all times. He uses slash attacks, although relying on armour should not be taken into account as Protect from Melee is advised. If a player runs out of Prayer points when fighting Dharok, it is advisable to retreat since he can hit high and a ring of life is very unlikely to activate.

Dharok is commonly defeated with the use of a trident of the swamp/seas, Iban Blast or Magic Dart. Players can also use Entangle or Ice spells on Dharok to attack him from a distance - however this is not recommended due to the likelihood that he will unfreeze on low health, possibly dealing a large amount of damage. 

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