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Diamond detail.png

Diamond is a white gem used in Crafting and Fletching. An Uncut diamond can be cut by a player with level 43 crafting by using it with a Chisel, granting 107.5 crafting experience. One diamond is required to enter the Zanaris marketplace.

Cut diamonds can be found as drops from several monsters. They can also be found by looting Wilderness Rogues' Chests, by raiding the store room in the H.A.M. Hideout, or by looting a magpie impling jar.

Cut diamonds can be used to make the following items:

Diamond jewellery
Crafting icon.png level Unenchanted Experience Enchanted
43 Diamond ring 85 Ring of life
56 Diamond necklace 90 Phoenix necklace
58 Diamond bracelet 95 Abyssal bracelet
70 Diamond amulet 100 Amulet of power

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Vorkath 732 10–30 (noted) 2; Common
Commander Zilyana 596 6 (noted) 3; Uncommon
Kraken 291 8 (noted) 3; Uncommon
Demonic gorilla 275 4–6 (noted) 3; Uncommon
Thermonuclear smoke devil 301 10 (noted) 4; Rare