Not to be confused with Dragon claws.

Diango's claws detail.png

Diango's claws (previously named as Dragon claws) are a cosmetic item added to Old School RuneScape as an April Fools joke. It was previously obtained from Little Mo after completing the 2015 April Fools event, but can now be bought from Diango.

A player performing the item's emote, which is similar to the animation found in the later game.

The emote consists of four rapid slash attacks resembling the special attack of the claws.


  • The claws were renamed after Diango to prevent players from being confused with the actual dragon claws prior to their release on the 5th of January. (Update:Dragon Claws & 3rd Birthday)
  • They originally had "Wield" as the main option as part of the April Fools joke, which still performed the emote. However, this was changed to "Emote" when they changed the name.
  • The emote performed when clicking the claws used to hide any weapon swaps in combat, this was used by PKers to hide special attacks in order to surprise their opponents. This was later removed and the emote can no longer be used in the Wilderness, but can be used in non-Wilderness areas in PvP worlds.
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