This article is about the location. For the quest, see The Dig Site. For the dungeon, see Digsite Dungeon.
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Tolna's rift
Varrock Digsite River Salve
Exam Centre

The Digsite is an archaeological excavation area just east of Varrock. Players need to proceed far enough into the Dig Site quest in order to fully use it. This area is a members-only location. It is visited during several quests:

During the Dig Site quest, players learn that the area was once Senntisten, the capital of the Zarosian empire during the Second Age. During the quest, players find an ancient talisman and a stone tablet telling all mortals to tremble before the power of Zaros. This area is said to be part of a city three times bigger than Varrock which supposedly reached to Edgeville (then known as Paddewwa). It was destroyed during the God Wars and replaced by Saranthium, which was destroyed several hundred years before Avarrocka was established in 700 of the Fourth Age.

For players who are doing or have completed The Dig Site quest, the north-west winch at the Digsite provides access to the Digsite Dungeon. A Rope must be used with the winch to enter the dungeon.


Players can dig at Digsite during and after the quest. Have a rock pick, trowel, specimen jar, and specimen brush in your inventory; wear leather gloves and Leather boots, and use the rock pick on the soil. This gives 8 Mining experience. Players can also pan at the south-east part of Digsite with a panning tray. In the south-east section of the Digsite, it is also possible to search the specimen tray with a specimen jar in the inventory.

Canal barge

The canal barge, under construction.

After earning 100 kudos in the Varrock Museum, players will have access to Fossil Island, found north of Morytania. The barge to travel there is currently being built just north of the Digsite by Ed Wood, workmen, the barge foreman, and four barge workmen.

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