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Dining Room built

A player in a fully built Dining Room.

The Dining room in a player-owned house is a place where a servant can serve food to the player and guests.

Building a Dining Room requires level 10 Construction and 5,000 coins.

There are 7 Hotspots available:

  • Table
  • Fireplace
  • Seating x2
  • Decoration
  • Curtain
  • Bell pull


Wood dining tableWood dining table icon10 4 Planks, 4 nails115
Oak dining tableOak dining table icon224 Oak planks240
Carved oak tableCarved oak table icon316 Oak planks360
Teak dining tableTeak table icon384 Teak planks360
Carved teak tableCarved teak table icon456 Teak planks, 4 bolts of cloth600
Mahogany tableMahogany table icon526 Mahogany planks840
Opulent tableOpulent table icon726 Mahogany planks, 4 bolts of cloth, 4 gold leaves, 2 marble blocks3100

All the tables can be made as flatpacks in the Workshop.


You can only use regular logs to light the fireplace, giving some Firemaking experience.

Clay fireplaceClay fireplace icon33 Pieces of soft clay30
Stone fireplaceStone fireplace icon332 Limestone bricks40
Marble fireplaceMarble fireplace icon631 Marble block500


Benches are used to sit on. They have little practical use but add to the 'dining room' concept.

Seating Image Level Materials Experience
Wooden bench Wooden bench icon 10 4 Planks, 4 nails 115
Oak bench Oak bench icon 22 4 Oak planks 240
Carved oak bench Carved oak bench icon 31 4 Oak planks 240
Teak dining bench Teak bench 38 4 Teak planks 360
Carved teak bench Carved teak bench icon 44 4 Teak planks 360
Mahogany bench Mahogany bench icon 52 4 Mahogany planks 560
Gilded bench Gilded bench icon 61 4 Mahogany planks, 4 gold leaves 1760

All the benches can be made as flatpacks in the Workshop.


You must speak to Sir Renitee in White Knights' Castle to obtain a family crest before you can build a Decoration.

Oak decorationOak decoration icon162 Oak planks120
Teak decorationTeak decoration icon362 Teak planks180
Gilded decorationGilded decoration icon563 Mahogany planks, 2 gold leaves1020


Ringing a bell-pull in your dining room instantly summons your servant, making it very useful.

Rope bell-pullRope bell-pull icon261 Oak plank, 1 rope64
Bell-pullBell-pull icon371 Teak plank, 2 bolts of cloth120
Posh bell-pullPosh bell-pull icon601 Teak plank, 2 bolts of cloth, 1 gold leaf420


Torn curtainsTorn curtains icon23 Planks, 3 bolts of cloth, 3 nails132
CurtainsCurtains icon183 Oak planks, 3 bolts of cloth225
Opulent curtainsOpulent curtains icon403 Teak planks, 3 bolts of cloth315

Complete room

To build this room with the highest level furniture possible in one go requires level 72 Construction, 17 mahogany planks, 4 teak planks, 9 bolts of cloth, 15 gold leaves and 3 marble blocks.

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