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The Disciples of Yama are followers of Yama, a fire demon. One can be found by the entrance to the Chasm of Fire, and the other can be found in the second level of the chasm.


By entrance

  • Player: Hello!
  • Disciple of Yama: Welcome. Have you come to give your soul to the Chasm?
  • Player: Uh, I believe I'm still using it.
  • Disciple of Yama: For now. Have you come to prove yourself in combat against the many demons within the Chasm?
  • Player: ...Perhaps.
  • Disciple of Yama: My master wishes you not to kill his minions without an agenda. You may only slay within the Chasm that which you have been assigned by a Slayer Master.
  • Player: That's an oddly specific reason.
  • Disciple of Yama: I ask no questions of my master, I just inform.

Inside Chasm

  • Player: Are you okay?
  • Disciple of Yama: Oh yes! Just praying to my new master. It's hot down here, isn't it?
  • Player: I guess so.
  • Player: Your new master, That would be...?
    • Disciple of Yama: Yama! I sold my soul you see, well, I guess that Ox-headed guy down there forcibly removed it.
    • Player: That doesn't sound like a fair trade...
    • Disciple of Yama: Oh, don't worry, I'm perfectly fine with the outsome. Sure, the loss of vision is a shame but it could be worse.
    • Player: Could it?
    • Disciple of Yama: Underground there are no tall buildings, I'm awfully afraid of heights, you see.
    • Player: Perhaps it's a good thing you can't see...
    • Disciple of Yama: What was that?
    • Player: Oh, nothing...
  • Player: What happened to your eyes?
    • Disciple of Yama: The ritual, there were some... adverse effects...
    • Player: The ritual?
    • Disciple of Yama: Oh yes! Pretty basic really, head of an Ox, bruma roots, lots of fire and of course the human sacrifice.
    • Player: And at what point did that blind you?
    • Disciple of Yama: The voice demanded that we stare into the fire until we saw enlightenment.
    • Player: I guess the fire was pretty bright.
    • Disciple of Yama: Blindingly so.
    • Player: Wait! Did you say human sacrifice?
    • Disciple of Yama: Why, of course! We're Zamorakians, we're evil...
    • Player: Yeah, I guess that's true.
  • Player: Well, I'll leave you to it.
    • Disciple of Yama: So soon?
    • Player: Yep, the demons won't slay themselves.
    • Disciple of Yama: What demons?

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