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The disk of returning is a rare item that was obtained by killing the high priest in the discontinued goblin invasion event located in the Varrock castle courtyard. To receive a disk of returning, players had to deal some damage to the high priest. Players were also able to obtain disks of returning during the 2014 Midsummer Event.

Activating it requires the player to be inside the Dwarven Mine, and when activated the player teleports into the Blackhole, where Thordur resides. To leave, simply activate the disk again.

A player inside Thordur's blackhole.

Attempting to drop it will result in a confirmation message "Yes, something cool might happen." However when dropped it will simply say "That was disappointing.", indicating nothing will happen when dropped. Occasionally when dropped the chatbox messages states "Something cool happens." and the player performs the dance emote. These are references towards the original date in the which they were created, where players could visit the blackhole and use their disk of returning to go out, other players would tell players that "something interesting would happen" and they couldn't get out of the blackhole resulting in many players getting trapped.

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