Dominic Onion chathead

Dominic Onion is a mage from Lunar Isle and hosts the Nightmare Zone minigame. As a member of the Moon Clan, he specializes in dreams.

As a young child, a plan came to him in a vivid dream where he saw himself running a successful business from a great structure. He told his father about it, who laughed and said he should be a banker like his ancestors. He refused and wanted to find out what that dream meant, so he studied to find out more about Magic, particularly oneiromancy and dream interpretation. Once he had learned enough, he left Lunar Isle attempting to find the location where he built the huge tower. Since he had not found it or gathered enough money for its construction, he decided to set up a small business north of Yanille selling dreams to people, which became known to the people as the Nightmare Zone.

Treasure Trails

Dominic Onion is the solution to the anagram I Doom Icon Inn. The solution to his challenge scroll asking 'How many reward points does a herb box cost?' is 9500.


  • Dominic Onion is a pun on the Dominion Tower in RuneScape 3 - a tall tower where players can fight enemies they have previously encountered in quests.