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This is the quick guide for Doric's Quest.
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Start point Quest point icon Speak to Doric in the small house north of Falador, just outside the east gate of Taverley.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Doric the dwarf is happy to let you use his anvils but first he would like you to run an errand for him.
Length Extremely short (5 seconds - 10 minutes; with all items before you start the quest, you can finish in less than 5 seconds).
Requirements None.


Items required
Enemies to defeat None


Buying the ore before quest

Doric location

The quest start location.

  • Talk to Doric. (Chat 11)
  • Talk to him again holding the spacebar.

Obtaining the materials for the quest

  • Go to the Dwarven Mine (On the south side of the east mountain from the quest start)
  • 2 Iron ores (commonly dropped by Dwarves in the mine) and 4 copper ores can be mined at a spot just southeast of the ladder down into the mine.
  • 6 Clay can be mined south of the iron and copper, near the Agility shortcut.

Finishing up

  • Report back to Doric with the ores in your inventory.
  • Quest complete!


Doric's Quest reward scroll

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