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The Draconic Visage is a very rare drop from iron, steel, mithril, and black dragons. It is also dropped by skeletal wyverns and the King Black Dragon. The Ring of Wealth does not affect the chances of receiving a Draconic Visage drop despite popular belief.

Making the shield

Players with level 90 Smithing can combine an Anti-dragon Shield with the Draconic Visage to create a Dragonfire Shield. Doing so grants 2,000 Smithing experience. If players do not have 90 Smithing, they may use a smithing boosting item such as a Dwarven Stout  to forge the shield. Note that a Dwarven Stout(m) only provides a +2 boost to a player's Smithing level, while an average Dwarven Stout provides a +1 boost. If the player has completed the Evil Dave part of the Recipe for Disaster quest, they may also use stew that boosts the Smithing skill for up to +6. Such a boost is a very rare occurence however and players will generally settle for a +4 boost.

A Draconic Visage may also be taken to Oziach, an NPC from the Dragon Slayer quest, who will assist in creating the shield for a sum of 1,250,000 coins. Depending on the costs of both the Draconic Visage and the Dragonfire Shield, it may be better to sell the Draconic Visage and buy the completed shield, rather than attempting to smith one.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Skeletal Wyvern 140 1 5; Very rare
Iron Dragon 189 1 5; Very rare
Black Dragon 227 1 5; Very rare
Steel Dragon 246 1 5; Very rare
King Black Dragon 276 1 5; Very rare
Mithril Dragon 304 1 5; Very rare
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