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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
| interwiki = {{External|rs=Dragon c'bow (u)}}
|name = Dragon crossbow (u)
|image = [[File:Dragon crossbow (u).png]]
|release = 4 January [[2018]]
|update = Dragon Slayer II
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = 18000
|low = 12000
|destroy = Drop
|store = No
|exchange = gemw
|weight = 2
|examine = An unstrung dragon crossbow.
A '''dragon crossbow (u)''' is the second stage of a fletched [[dragon crossbow]] before it is strung. Unstrung dragon crossbows can be made through the [[Fletching]] skill at level 78 by using a [[magic stock]] with [[dragon limbs]], granting 135 Fletching [[experience]]. A player can finish the crossbow by adding a [[crossbow string]], granting 70 experience and making the unstrung dragon crossbow into a dragon crossbow.

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