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The dragon full helm is a helmet that requires 60 Defence to equip. The dragon full helm gives better defence bonuses than its medium helm counterpart. Due to its high price, and lack of prayer or strength bonuses, it is more often used as a sign of wealth, rather than in combat.

A dragon full helm can be combined with a dragon full helm ornament kit to make a gold-trimmed dragon full helm (g). This cosmetic enhancement won't change the stats in any way.


Players can obtain a dragon full helm as a very rare drop from mithril dragons in the Ancient Cavern. The chances of obtaining one in this manner is 1/32,768.

Alternatively, players can receive one from a barbarian spirit after lighting a pyre ship with chewed bones. The chance of this occurring is 1/250. However, chewed bones themselves can only be obtained from mithril dragons as an uncommon drop, with a drop rate of 1/42. Combining the drop rates, the expected number of kills to receive one is 10,500.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Mithril dragon 304 1 5; Very rare (1/32,768)


  • Brutal black dragons formerly dropped the full helm with a matching drop rate of 1 in 32,768, but this was removed in an update on 13 July 2017 as part of a balancing change.
  • Upon release, the spikes on the dragon full helm had a greyer colour, rather than the white colour seen on the spikes of the dragon chainbody, platebody, medium helm and boots. The spikes were recoloured in an update on 25 January 2018 to match the colour of the spikes on the previously mentioned dragon armour.