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The dragon halberd is a two-handed weapon made from Dragon metal. Just like all other halberds, it is not possible to create the dragon halberd using the Smithing skill. It can be purchased at Tyras Camp for 325,000 coins, the Bounty Hunter Store for 900,000 bounties, or it may be obtained as a common reward from Master Treasure Trails caskets. It requires 60 Attack and 30 Strength to wield as well as completion of the Regicide quest. Like all halberds, the dragon halberd can attack at a range of 2 squares, making it the only melee weapon type that you may safespot monsters with.

Note: The Quartermaster will show 0 halberds in stock before completing Regicide. The stock will appear at 5 after completion.

Combat styles

CombatStyles halberd.png Combat style Type Experience
Jab Stab Shared
Swipe Slash Strength and Hitpoints
Fend Stab Defence and Hitpoints

Special attack

A player uses the dragon halberd's special attack, Sweep.

A player uses the dragon halberd's special attack on a large monster.

The dragon halberd has a special attack called Sweep, consuming 30% of the player's special attack energy. In addition to a 10% damage boost, if used against "large" monsters (anything that is larger than 1x1, such as General Graardor), the special attack will deal an additional second hit onto them, although with 25% reduced accuracy. It can also hit multiple adjacent enemies in a multi-combat area.

Special attack's accuracy rolls against opponents slash defence roll.

Large monsters

Note that a monster is considered to be "large" if it takes up more than one square of space.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Zulrah 725 1 4; Rare


  • The Dragon halberd's special attack hit used to only the main target on the central tile, but hit an unlimited amount of monsters on the two adjacent tiles. This was fixed on 2018 June 7, capping the maximum number of monsters to 10, but allowing monsters standing on the same tile as the primary target to also be affected by the attack.