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Dragon metal shard detail.png

A dragon metal shard is an item that can be purchased from the Myths' Guild Armoury, which requires the completion of Dragon Slayer II to access.

The shard can be used alongside a dragon metal slice and a dragon sq shield to create a dragon kiteshield. Doing so requires level 75 Smithing, and grants the player 1,000 experience.

Alternatively, it can be used alongside a dragon metal lump and a dragon chainbody to create a dragon platebody. This requires level 90 in Smithing, and grants the player 2,000 experience.


Both shield halves on the floor form the square shield.

  • Although the shield shard and slice become a kiteshield when joined, they themselves appear to be two parts of a square shield, with the shard being the bottom half of the square shield. This is in contrast to the left and right halves of the dragon sq shield appearing to form a kiteshield.
  • In the Dragon Slayer II Dev Blog, the shard was mentioned to cost 2,000,000 coins, however, as a part of a balancing change regarding the drops of adamant and rune dragons, it has been slightly reduced to 1,800,000 coins