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The dramen branch is cut from the Dramen tree found in the dungeon below Entrana island. You need a Woodcutting level of 36 in order to cut it off of the tree. Obtaining the branch requires players to defeat the Tree spirit that guards it, which is done so during the quest Lost City. It is used with a knife to make the Dramen staff for use in Lost City, and subsequently access to fairy rings.

The Dramen branch can also be used with a pestle and mortar to create cinnamon, which is an ingredient for a Brulee supreme in Sir Amik Varze's portion of the Recipe for Disaster quest.

To obtain a Dramen branch, players must travel to Entrana and make their way to the northern part of the island, climbing down the ladder into the Entrana Dungeon and killing the level 25 Zombies until they receive a bronze axe as a drop. Then they must proceed through the dungeon, past the greater demons and into the room with the Dramen tree.

Also when you get the Dramen branch, you need Level 31 Crafting to make a Dramen staff.


  • There is a glitch which can sometimes occur when opening your bank, or scrolling too quickly within your bank where the inventory icon may become animated. This also affects other animated items such as the Fire cape and Magic logs.