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Old School RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, etc.
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Location on World Map
Barbarian Village
Falador Draynor Manor Champions' Guild
Draynor Village

The entrance to Draynor Manor

Draynor Manor is a large, haunted, mansion located north of Draynor Village. Its owner is Count Victor Draynor Drakan. The manor contains 4 floors and is a central location for 4 quests; Ernest the Chicken, Vampire Slayer, Animal Magnetism, and is visited briefly during Fairytale I - Growing Pains. It also holds a portal that grants access to the dimension where killerwatts reside.

Players with access to the Arceuus spellbook can cast a teleport spell that takes them directly to the manor doors. Players can also use the magic tablet equivalent.


  • If a free-to-play player uses a spade on the grave mount behind the manor, a message will appear, saying that the player found a members object. The object will be put back in place because it is "of no use in this world."
  • On the ground floor[?], in the western room there are two pictures. When you move the camera with the arrow keys, the eyes follow it.
  • The name 'Draynor Manor' is likely a reference to the Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire, a county northwest of Jagex Headquarters.