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Start point Quest point icon Talk to the fallen man in the small cave in the Lunar Isle mine.
Official difficulty Master
Description RuneScape is not the safest place to live - dragons, trolls, demons... dangerous and despicable monsters of all sorts roam free. In this quest, you must help a fellow adventurer that doesn't do so well against these threats. With perseverence and the magical help of the Moon Clan, there should be no monster that can't be beaten. But is that really true? How about the monsters in your dreams? How about your own inescapable fears? How would you defeat them? Well, you'll soon find out as a tough and often bizarre quest awaits those of a strong will!
Length Short to Medium
Items required
Enemies to defeat


Helping the fallen man

Items required: 3 Kinds of food, 6-7 of each, Seal of Passage.

  • Travel to Lunar Isle.
  • Enter the mine in the north-east area of Lunar Isle.
  • Crawl through the cave entrance (Quest start icon Quest minimap icon).
  • Talk to the fallen man (close the interface when it appears).
  • Feed him 4 food, starting with one you have seven of, while cycling through your different foods. Avoid using the same food twice in a row.
  • Talk to him again. (Chat 11)
  • Feed him 4 more food as before.
  • Talk to him and keep reassuring him with positive responses until he sits up (cutscene).
  • Feed him 6 more food.
  • Talk again multiple times using positive responses until he stands up (cutscene).
  • Talk to 'Bird's-Eye' Jack in the bank. (Chat 2)
  • Select the following equipment (if your combat level is determined by your melee skills):

If your combat level is determined by your magic/range level, select different equipment (see full guide)

  • Return and talk to Cyrisus for a cutscene. (Chat 1)
  • Use the remaining food on him.
  • Talk to him again multiple times, giving positive responses until you receive a cutscene. If you don't receive it, feed him a couple more times.

Dream potion

Items required: Goutweed, a hammer, a pestle and mortar and an astral rune.

  • Talk to the Oneiromancer at the astral altar for a dream vial. (Chat 2)
  • (Optional) Change your spellbook as necessary if you wish to use magic in the final fight.
  • Fill the vial with water, add a goutweed.
  • Use your hammer on an Astral rune, then grind the shards with a pestle and mortar.
  • Add your ground astral rune to the dream vial to complete the potion.
  • Prepare for 4 fights. Prayers and emergency teleports won't work.
  • Do not bank your seal of passage for the fight.


Items required: Good food, armour, weapon and a tinderbox.

For a detailed explanation of how to combat the upcoming enemies, refer to the full quest guide.

  • Light the Ceremonial Brazier in the long hall building.
  • Talk to Cyrisus. (Chat 1)
  • During the fight, you can leave at any time by using the pedestal.
  • Return to the Oneiromancer. (Chat 2)
Congratulations! Quest complete!


Dream Mentor reward scroll

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