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Dreamy lamp chathead

The dreamy lamp is a reward for completing the Dream Mentor quest. It grants one wish of 15,000 experience to any of the following skills:

If destroyed, you can get another from the Oneiromancer on Lunar Isle. It can be banked.


"You rub the lantern and a little voice inside sqeaks at you: What do you want?" *Player: What? Did you just talk?

  • Lamp: Well, of course. Would you ignore someone that rubbed you?
  • Player: Erm, I... don't really know what I expected.
  • Lamp: How rude. Now do me a favour and answer the following question so I can put an end to this rudeness.
  • Player: Sure, go ahead.
  • Lamp: I can grant you a one-off experience boost to one of the following skills; which would you like? And be quick!
  • Player chooses their skill
  • Lamp: I hope you're satisfied! Goodbye!

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