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Dron chathead.png

Dron is a Fremennik warrior residing in Rellekka, and plays a major role in the Making History quest. He can be found near the helmet shop. He carries an iron mace and a Fremennik shield.

Dron seems to have an unusually violent nature; if spoken to before the beginning of Making History, he will tell the player to them to leave him alone or he will destroy them. He has a brother, Blanin, who helps the player gain his trust and cooperation.

Making History

Blanin sets the player up to talk with Dron in order to piece together the history of Kandarin's Outpost. To earn his trust, the player must answer some questions about Dron himself, though Blanin will have provided this information. If any of Dron's questions are answered incorrectly, he will angrily dismiss the player; they will have to start the quiz again. However, he does end up telling the player the Tale of Two Friends.


  • Blanin mentions that Dron was born in year 133, making him one of the few NPC's whose exact age is known.

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