Druidic wreath detail
Druidic wreath chathead

The druidic wreath is obtained after completing the midsummer ritual three times during the 2014 Midsummer event, as well as subsequent midsummer events.

As there is no midsummer event in 2018, it was made available from Diango's Toy Store for 1 coin.

This item mimics the look of the third-age druidic wreath in RuneScape 3.

Tree hugging

During the 2014 and 2015 Midsummer event, players were able to hug trees, provided they wore the druidic wreath.

Hugging tree

A player hugs a tree.

Hugging a nearby tree around the Druid Circle will increase your tree-hugging rank. It is unknown what tree-hugging ranks were for. Hugging a certain amount of trees will give players a tree hugging title:

  • 0 hugs - What's a tree?
  • 15 hugs - Tree Cuddler
  • 30 hugs - BARKing Mad
  • 55 hugs - Tree Hugger
  • 75 hugs - At One With Trees


  • The examine info is a reference to the third-age druidic wreath in RuneScape 3, which is an extremely rare reward from elite treasure trails. In contrast, the druidic wreath in Old School RuneScape is very common.
  • The druidic wreath was graphically updated on 8 October 2015 due to the model breaking the polygon count limit.
  • Upon making the druidic wreath available from Diango's Toy Store in an update on 19 July 2018, it was not made into a free-to-play item. This resulted in free-to-play players being able to purchase the item, but not equip it, as it was marked as a Members object. This was corrected in an update the next week.

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