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"Stout" redirects here. For the Keldagrim stout, see Kelda stout.

Dwarven stout detail.png

Dwarven stout is an alcoholic beverage that grants a temporary +1 boost to both Mining and Smithing skills, while temporarily lowering Attack and Strength by 3 levels. It also heals 1 Hitpoint. This effect lasts up to one minute.



The full recipe for a Dwarven stout is as follows (in the order given):

  1. 2 buckets of water
  2. 2 barley malt
  3. (Optional) 1 "the stuff," to increase chance of maturity
  4. 4 hammerstone hops
  5. 1 ale yeast
  6. Wait 1-2 days
  7. Collect the completed ale using 8 beer glasses or 2 calquat kegs