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{{External|rs|rsc=Dwarven Stout}}
{{Redirect3|Stout|For the [[Keldagrim]] stout, see [[Kelda stout]]}}
{{Infobox Item
|exchange = gemw
|name = Dwarven stout
|image = [[File:Dwarven stout.png]]
|release = 6 April [[2001]]
|update = Massive update!
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = 1
|low = 0
|destroy = Drop
|store = 3
|seller = Rising Sun Inn
|examine = A pint of thick dark beer.
|weight = 0
|members = No
[[File:Dwarven stout detail.png|left|120px]]
'''Dwarven stout''' is an alcoholic beverage that grants a temporary +1 [[boost]] to both [[Mining]] and [[Smithing]] skills, while temporarily lowering [[Attack]] and [[Strength]] by 3 levels. It also heals 1 [[Hitpoint]]. This effect lasts up to one minute.
*[[Brewing|Brewed]] by players
*[[Jossik]] in the [[Lighthouse]]
*The [[Rising Sun Inn]] in [[Falador]] - 3 [[coins]]
*The [[Toad and Chicken]] in [[Burthorpe]] - 2 coins
*[[Sam (barmaid)|Sam]] or [[Rachael]] in the [[Burthorpe Games Room]] - 2 coins
*Common drop from [[Rockslugs]]
*In the [[Dwarven Pass]] underneath [[White Wolf Mountain]] (opened with completion of the [[Fishing Contest]] quest)
The full recipe for a '''Dwarven stout''' is as follows (''in the order given''):
#2 [[buckets of water]]
#2 [[barley malt]]
#(Optional) 1 "[[the stuff]]," to increase chance of maturity
#4 [[hammerstone hops]]
#1 [[ale yeast]]
#Wait 1-2 days
#Collect the completed ale using 8 [[beer glass]]es or 2 [[calquat keg]]s

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