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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
| interwiki = {{External|rs|rsc}}
|name = Dwellberries
|image = [[File:Dwellberries.png]]
|release = 27 August [[2002]]
|update = Multi-part quest
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|edible = Yes
|stackable = No
|high = 2
|low = 1
|destroy = Drop
|store = 4
|exchange = gemw
|examine = Some rather pretty blue berries.
|weight = 0
[[File:Dwellberries detail.png|left|150px]]
'''Dwellberries''' can be found growing inside [[McGrubor's Wood]] to the west of [[Seers' Village]]. They are surrounded by level 44 [[Guard dog|dogs]]. They can also be bought from [[Heckel Funch]] on the east side of the [[Grand Tree]] on the {{FloorNumber|2}}, near [[Blurberry's Bar]] for a price of 4 [[gold]] each. Dwellberries are required to make a [[gas mask]] during the [[Plague City]] quest. They can be eaten to heal 2 [[hitpoints]].
They can also be grown using the [[Farming]] [[skill]] at level 36; one seed can produce a minimum of 4 berries, where the Farming level reduces the chance of using up one of the three "lives" of the patch, much like harvesting [[herb patch]]es.
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