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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Sanfew in Taverley
Official difficulty Experienced
Description Sanfew requires a rare herb for the next part of the purifying ritual.

Travel back to the Troll Stronghold to find this herb that the trolls use as an ingredient for their favourite dish.

Length Medium-Long
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Starting off

Items required: Food, armour and climbing boots, one bite of botanical pie if boosting Herblore.

Recommended: An Ardougne teleport.

It is safe practice to check the quest journal after each step to ensure you have completed each task. This may save you an extremely frustrating long walk or two.

Start the quest by speaking to Chat head image of Sanfew, File:Sanfew chathead.pngSanfew (if boosting herblore use before talking to him), who lives on the top floor of the herb shop in Link to TaverleyTaverley (ask him about the Varrock stone being cleansed). He will ask you to find out the secret of the herb Item image of Goutweed, File:Goutweed.pngGoutweed, in order to perform the next part of the purifying ritual on the Link to Stone circleDruid's circle. Only the Arrg chatheadtrolls in the Link to Troll StrongholdTroll Stronghold know about Goutweed, so Sanfew will suggest you speak to his friend Chat head image of Eadgar, File:Eadgar chathead.pngEadgar who lives near there at the top of Link to TrollheimTrollheim.

Getting to Trollheim

Eadgar's ruse cave map

Use this route to get to Mad Eadgar's Cave.

You need to make your way to Link to TrollheimTrollheim using the same route as in the Link to Troll StrongholdTroll Stronghold quest. Go north from Link to TaverleyTaverley to Link to BurthorpeBurthorpe and follow the mountain path out of the northwestern corner of the town. Go south at the fork in the path to Chat head image of Tenzing, File:Tenzing chathead.pngTenzing's house. If you don't already have Item image of climbing boots, File:climbing boots.pngclimbing boots, buy some here from Tenzing for 12 coins. Wear the climbing boots, and climb over the stile in his back yard, following the path north. At the next junction, climb over the rocks, follow the path, and go east at the next fork climbing over rocks as required.

Walk past Chat head image of Dad, File:Dad chathead.pngDad, and use the northern Arena Exit gate. At the next two junctions, head west and then north, and go into the Cave Entrance. Follow the cave round, and use the exit to appear inside Trollheim.

Eadgar is not located in the Troll Stronghold, but rather inside a cave on top of Trollheim on the minimap.
You can use the secret entrance to the Troll Stronghold and then walk through to get to Eadgar. The shortcut is at the northern end of the western fork on the map.

Meeting Eadgar

Climb to the top of the hill in the centre of Link to TrollheimTrollheim using Link to Protect from MissilesProtect from Missiles as you run past the Thrower TrollThrower Trolls to avoid taking large amounts of damage. At the top of Trollheim there is an unmarked cave entrance on the southern side of the summit. When you get to the top, enter the cave and speak to Chat head image of Eadgar, File:Eadgar chathead.pngEadgar about Item image of Goutweed, File:Goutweed.pngGoutweed. He will suggest that you speak to the Chat head image of Burntmeat, File:Burntmeat chathead.pngTroll Cook.

If you didn't rescue Eadgar during the Link to Troll StrongholdTroll Stronghold quest, you will need to do so. He can be found in the prison in the stronghold. Pickpocket the two sleeping guards to get the key to his cell. Once you've rescued him, he will be in the Trollheim cave on the hill. (Even if you have freed Eadgar, he will still be in the prison cell. If you can't steal a cell key from the sleeping trolls to get him out, you know that you have previously freed Eadgar.)

The troll cook

Leave Chat head image of Eadgar, File:Eadgar chathead.pngEadgar's cave, go back down the hill, and head southwest following the path round into the Troll Stronghold. Once in the stronghold, go south and then down the stairs. You'll see four Chat head image of Burntmeat, File:Burntmeat chathead.pngTroll Cooks here - one of them will be called Chat head image of Burntmeat, File:Burntmeat chathead.pngBurntmeat. Speak to him, and he will offer to tell you about Item image of Goutweed, File:Goutweed.pngGoutweed in exchange for a human to cook in his stew.

Go back and talk to Eadgar. He will have a quick think and then come up with a plan....

The parrot

Items required: Climbing bootsVodka, pineapple chunks, 10 grain, 2 logs, a tinderbox, 5 raw chickens, a pestle and mortar, Herblore boost (if not level 31), and a ranarr potion (unf).

Recommended: A Games necklace.

Chat head image of Eadgar, File:Eadgar chathead.pngEadgar will tell you he needs a parrot in order to fool the Arrg chatheadtrolls into thinking you've given them a human. Go to the zoo in Link to ArdougneArdougne, and talk to Chat head image of Parroty Pete, File:Parroty Pete chathead.pngParroty Pete at the northern part of the zoo near the Wolf (SOS)wolf enclosure. Ask him both of the possible questions, and he will tell you that their favourite food is Item image of pineapple chunks, File:pineapple chunks.pngpineapple chunks and that they will get drunk if you feed them vodka. Do not accidentally drink the vodka or eat the pineapple chunks! Right click your pineapple chunks and use them on your vodka to make Item image of alco-chunks, File:alco-chunks.pngalco-chunks, and then use them on the aviary hatch on the west side of the parrot cage. You'll obtain a Item image of drunk parrot, File:drunk parrot.pngdrunk parrot, and tell Parroty Pete that you will take it to the vet. (Do not drop the parrot or it will fly away. If this does happen, you can talk to Eadgar to retrieve it) While in Ardougne, it's also a good idea to pick up your logs, tinderbox, grain, and raw chicken from the bank. Take the parrot to Eadgar. You need to make it look like a human, taste like a human, smell like a human, and talk like a human. (You must do these steps in order, however, you may hand in the items after hiding the parrot.)


Inebriating the Parrot.

Go back to Eadgar to talk about the rest of his plan before proceeding to the next step.
If you pick a Thistle now you can dry it on a fire on the way back to Eadgar. Scroll down to learn how to get the thistle.
  • Talk like a human - Go back to the Link to Troll Stronghold (location)Troll Stronghold, and find the prison cells. To get there, go north from the entrance to the stronghold, down the stairs, east through the door, and down another set of stairs. Go a bit further west and hide your parrot under the rack just north of the cells.
    You will come back for the parrot later.
  • Look/Taste like a human - Teleport out of Trollheim and grab your 10 grains, 2 logs, tinderbox, 5 raw chicken, pestle and mortar, and unfinished ranarr potion.
    • Note for Ultimate Ironmen: You can make multiple trips with the items if you do not have the inventory space available to bring them in one trip.
  • Smell like a human - Go to Link to TaverleyTaverley. You will see Chat head image of Tegid, File:Tegid chathead.pngTegid washing robes in the lake. Talk to him, and ask for a Item image of dirty robe, File:dirty robe.pngdirty robe. Then, threaten him with talking to Sanfew to get one. Take all items to Eadgar.

Truth serum

Troll Thistle

After you've done all of this, Chat head image of Eadgar, File:Eadgar chathead.pngEadgar will tell you that you need to make a troll truth potion so that Chat head image of Burntmeat, File:Burntmeat chathead.pngBurntmeat won't lie to you about Item image of Goutweed, File:Goutweed.pngGoutweed. Look near the grass patches around Eadgar's hill until you find a tiny Item image of Troll thistle, File:Troll thistle.pngthistle growing in one of them. It may take you a while, but keep searching. If unable to find it, one may find it helpful to world hop and check the grass directly north or directly west of the cave. The Thistle's name is yellow when displayed at the top-left of the game window.

Once you've found the troll thistle, make a fire with your second Link to loglog, and cook it to get a Item image of dried thistle, File:dried thistle.pngdried thistle. If you forgot a second log and/or tinderbox, there is a fire in the cave between the arena and Trollheim. Then, grind it with a Item image of pestle and mortar, File:pestle and mortar.pngpestle and mortar to make Item image of ground thistle, File:ground thistle.pngground thistle. Finally, Item image of Greenman's ale, File:Greenman's ale.pngboost your Herblore level (if necessary) and add the ground thistle to your Item image of Ranarr potion (unf), File:Ranarr potion (unf).pngunfinished ranarr potion to make a Item image of troll potion, File:troll potion.pngtroll potion.

Talk to Eadgar again. He will take the potion off of you and tell you that the parrot has had enough by now, so you can get it back. Go back to the prison cells in the Link to Troll StrongholdTroll Stronghold by going north from the entrance to the stronghold, down the stairs, east through the door and down another set of stairs, and search the rack to retrieve the parrot and then return to Eadgar.

Getting Goutweed

Goutweed Map

Guide to getting the Goutweed.

After you give the parrot to Chat head image of Eadgar, File:Eadgar chathead.pngEadgar, he will give you the Item image of Fake man, File:Fake man.pngFake man. Go back to the cooks in the stronghold by going south of the entrance and then down the stairs, and give the dummy to Chat head image of Burntmeat, File:Burntmeat chathead.pngBurntmeat. He'll give you a piece of Item image of burnt meat, File:burnt meat.pngburnt meat as a reward (which you can discard as it serves no purpose in the quest). He'll also tell you that the Item image of Goutweed, File:Goutweed.pngGoutweed is kept in the storeroom and that you can find the key by searching the Kitchen Drawers.

Search the drawers in the southeastern corner of the room, and once you have the Item image of storeroom key, File:storeroom key.pngstoreroom key, go down the stairs just to the north. This next part is the hardest as you will need to sneak past the guards. If one of them sees you, you'll be knocked out and kicked out of the storeroom. The rocks hit 0-6 damage. Link to Protect from MissilesProtect from Missiles blocks the damage but doesn't prevent getting kicked out.

The best way to do this is to use the two most eastern guards as an indicator of when to move to the second safe spot. To do this turn on your run and wait until one of the two guards rounds the northern corner of the boxes that they rotate around. As soon as this happens run to the second safe spot. Note that the darker coloured troll patrolling the small section of boxes must also be avoided. Once in the second safe spot simply run to the one of the safe spots adjacent to the crate when the guard that comes north and closest to you turns west, and then click on the goutweed crate.

The next way to do this is to use the safe spots, which are dead ends surrounded by three crates. Time your movement and run to the first safespot, then wait for your chance to run to the second. You can use the position of the troll guards as an indication of when to move, as the placements of the guards will repeat after one or two cycles. Wait at the second safespot until you get the chance to run to the Goutweed crate and search it. Be careful not to simply click search goutweed crate as this will get you stuck on the sleeping troll instead of going up to the crate. Make sure you click on the spot adjacent to the crate, and then click search goutweed crate. You'll be kicked out after you get one piece of goutweed. Also, if you plan to do Link to Dream MentorDream Mentor or Link to Dragon Slayer IIDragon Slayer II at any point, it is recommended to get two extra goutweed as it is a required item in those quests (note: you can only grab one goutweed per attempt and will have to traverse through again).

Give the Goutweed to Chat head image of Sanfew, File:Sanfew chathead.pngSanfew back in Taverley to finish the quest.


Eadgar's Ruse reward scroll

Required for completing