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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
:''For the flatpacked version, see [[Eagle lectern (flatpack)]].''
{{Infobox Construction
|name = Eagle lectern
|image = [[File:Eagle lectern built.png|200px]]
|icon = [[File:Eagle lectern icon.png]]
|level = 47
|experience = 120
|room = [[Study]]
|hotspot = [[Lectern]]
|flatpack = No
|materials = 2 [[Oak plank]]s
|examine = A book full of arcane knowledge.
An '''eagle lectern''' is built in the [[study]] of a [[player-owned house]]. Lecterns allow players to store spells in [[magic tablet]]s for later use. When a tablet is broken, the spell is released as if the player had normally cast the spell, although the animation is different. Experience is given to the player who ''creates'' the tablet, not the player who breaks it.
An Eagle Lectern may be used to create the following tablets:
* [[Enchant sapphire]] tablets
* [[Varrock teleport]]ation tablets
* [[Falador teleport]]ation tablets
* [[Lumbridge teleport]]ation tablets
*Even though this piece of furniture cannot be made into a [[flatpack]], the game cache reveals a flatpackable version of it ([[File:Eagle lectern (flatpack).png]]). This may be the result of Jagex deciding that these items should not be made flatpackable for unknown reasons, but did not remove the code for the items before launch.

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