Earth Blast is a earth spell in the standard spellbook. This spell requires four Earth runes, three Air runes and one Death rune to cast.


Spell cost
4Earth rune3Air rune1Death rune243
Combo runes
1Death rune4Dust rune220
3Air rune1Death rune4Mud rune1,123
3Air rune1Death rune4Lava rune243
4Earth rune1Death rune3Smoke rune432
4Earth rune1Death rune3Mist rune534
4Earth rune1Death runeStaff of air228
3Air rune1Death runeStaff of earth223
4Earth rune1Death runeMist battlestaff228
1Death runeDust battlestaff208
3Air rune1Death runeMud battlestaff223
3Air rune1Death runeLava battlestaff223
4Earth rune1Death runeSmoke battlestaff228

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