Earth Strike is a basic tier Earth spell from the default spellbook available at level 9 Magic. It is the weakest earth spell available, with a maximum of 6 damage. Casting this spell requires 2 Earth runes, 1 Air rune, and 1 Mind rune.

The Magic experience gained for casting this spell is 9.5 + 2 per damage the spell deals, as shown on the table below. In addition, for each point of damage dealt, 1.33 Hitpoints experience is granted.

Damage Exp
0 9.5
1 11.5
2 13.5
3 15.5
4 17.5
5 19.5
6 21.5


Spell cost
2Earth rune1Air rune1Mind rune20
Combo runes
1Mind rune2Dust rune12
1Air rune1Mind rune2Mud rune556
1Air rune1Mind rune2Lava rune18
2Earth rune1Mind rune1Smoke rune77
2Earth rune1Mind rune1Mist rune104
2Earth rune1Mind runeStaff of air14
1Air rune1Mind runeStaff of earth10
2Earth rune1Mind runeMist battlestaff14
1Mind runeDust battlestaff4
1Air rune1Mind runeMud battlestaff10
1Air rune1Mind runeLava battlestaff10
2Earth rune1Mind runeSmoke battlestaff14

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