Earth Surge is the strongest earth spell. It requires a Magic level of 90 to cast, along with 10 earth runes, 7 air runes, and 1 wrath rune per cast. Its maximum damage is 23 (without boosts).


Spell cost
10Earth rune7Air rune1Wrath rune502
Combo runes
1Wrath rune10Dust rune457
7Air rune1Wrath rune10Mud rune2,782
7Air rune1Wrath rune10Lava rune492
10Earth rune1Wrath rune7Smoke rune1,027
10Earth rune1Wrath rune7Mist rune1,692
10Earth rune1Wrath runeStaff of air467
7Air rune1Wrath runeStaff of earth452
10Earth rune1Wrath runeMist battlestaff467
1Wrath runeDust battlestaff417
7Air rune1Wrath runeMud battlestaff452
7Air rune1Wrath runeLava battlestaff452
10Earth rune1Wrath runeSmoke battlestaff467

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