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The Easter Bunny is a rabbit responsible for production of chocolate eggs and often trying to cut corners. The Easter Bunny first appeared on Old School RuneScape during the 2013 Easter event, and have appeared in every Easter event since.


2013 Easter Event

Easter Bunny chathead.png

In the 2013 Easter event, the Easter bunny returns with a new plan. Seeing as his last plan to use ordinary rabbits failed, he plans to use magical Chocolate rabbits to deliver eggs and orders some from Diango. However, he actually receives Chocolate kebbits and they run amok and once again disrupt Easter. He then tasks the player with smashing some Chocolate kebbits into chocolate dust and retrieving a Rabbit mould which a kebbit had stolen so he could make some Chocolate rabbits and continue with his plan.

2014 Easter Event

Easter Bunny (2014) chathead.png

In the 2014 Easter event, he attempts to make his job easier by using Mind Control on various smaller rabbits to do his job of delivering eggs to children for him. This fails, and the rabbits simply go and bury the eggs outside the burrow. Seeing his plan has failed, he then tasks the player with delivering 10 Easter eggs to small children for him.

2015 Easter Event

In the 2015 Easter event, the Easter Bunny received a batch of sabotaged chocolate eggs that were hatching into various creatures. The player finds out that Anti-Santa was responsible for the eggs hatching.

2016 Easter Event

In the 2016 Easter event, while preparing to produce this year's chocolate eggs, the Easter Bunny was visited by a travelling merchant who persuaded him to buy a potion that would make the chocolate taste better. However immediately after he added it to the mixture it began to bubble and an evil Chocolate Chicken hatched out of it, destroying the eggs and the presents within them. The player is requested to slay the foul chicken.

2017 Easter Event

In the 2017 Easter event, he is trying to add some variety of flavours into chocolate eggs, as people's interest in them are dwindling. He will ask the player to help his son, Chocco, to experiment on new flavours.

The player helps Chocco, but is knocked out by him after giving him several flavoured eggs to taste. The player then discovers that Chocco stole the credit for the new egg flavours, while the Easter Bunny refuses to believe the player. As a result, the player threatens to give his recipes to the Easter Bunny's competitors, resulting in the Easter Bunny submitting to the player.

2018 Easter Event

In the 2018 Easter event, the Easter Bunny asks for the player's help, well aware they are to do all the work in resolving their problems.

Upon completion of the event, he questions why he is employed when all their problems are always solved by passing adventurers. When the player asks who his employer is, he states that it is far above their pay grade to know about that.