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The Eastern Lands or Eastern Realms are a region said to exist in the far east of Gielinor, across the sea from Morytania. They are currently inaccessible.


Very little is known of the Eastern Lands, and the information that is known varies in nature. Only a handful of characters mention it, leading some to question its very existence. However, it seems that it will be based on medieval Asia.

According to the Mysterious Old Man, the people of the Eastern Lands are famed for their complex toys and puzzles. While exploring it, the Mysterious Old Man happened to find a strange box, which he kept with him. He soon discovered, though, that it magically multiplied constantly, so now he gives them away.

The ghosts of Port Phasmatys are known to trade with the Eastern Lands, although their trade has diminished greatly since their town was conquered by Necrovarus, who is said to have been born there. Ak-Haranu, a trader found in the port's docks, also claims to have come from the Eastern Lands. Ak-Haranu appears to wield a katana.

The Old crone, in her house between the Slayer tower and Fenkenstrain's Castle, says: "I cannot read the strange letters of the Eastern Lands." It seems that, like real-world Asia, cultures in the Eastern Lands have different writing systems than the west.

In an issue of Postbag from the Hedge, Reldo of Varrock expresses his beliefs that the Eastern Lands are a myth. Many far-fetched tales surround them, leading him to believe they are merely the subject of children's tales. One text on the Eastern Lands describes Grate fiery beastes enwrapt in poisons' and 'one-legged, one-eyed men of lymestone. This leads him to believe that, if they are real, they are very far from Morytania, far beyond Dragontooth Island.

According to Kamfreena in the Warriors' Guild the cyclops on the top floor are "from the far east lands", and that the guildmaster Harrallak went on an expedition there and brought them back.


Eastern Land sailing

A player meets Zaros in the Eastern Lands.

  • During the 2014 April Fools event players could sail to the Eastern Lands by using the Sailing skill. Players who used the boats arrived on a small island and greeted by various NPCs in RuneScape.
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