Eblis chathead

Eblis is a Zarosian mystic who plays a large role in the Desert Treasure quest. During the quest, the player helps Eblis free the Mahjarrat Azzanadra from his prison; to do this, the four Diamonds of Azzanadra must be collected, and to this end Eblis (with the player's help) enchants a number of mirrors to discern the diamonds' locations.

He will sell a player one Ancient staff upon completion of the Desert Treasure quest for 80,000 coins. In addition, he will give players ancient signets, a component in building Ancient altars.

Eblis can be found just southeast of the Bandit Camp at the mystical mirrors after Desert Treasure is completed. If Desert Treasure is not completed, he can be found in the eastern building in the Bandit Camp.


  • The origin of his name comes from the Arabic word Iblīs (إبليس) which is the name of Satan.

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