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An eclectic impling jar is the result of successfully catching an eclectic impling in the Impetuous Impulses minigame.

This jar can be traded in singularly to Elnock Inquisitor for 3 empty impling jars, but this is not recommended due to its high value.

You can trade two of this jar, three essence impling jars and one nature impling jar for a jar generator.

You must have level 50 Hunter in order to catch an eclectic impling, you can also loot the jar for a reward but occasionally the jar will break.

At current Grand Exchange prices, opening the average eclectic impling jar gives 1,639.41 worth of loot (assuming a 90% chance of getting the jar back). This means opening each Eclectic impling jar marks a loss of -1,408.59, however this does not include loot from medium clue scrolls.


Armour and weapons

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Mithril pickaxe.png Mithril pickaxe 1 Common (1/10) 378
Adamant kiteshield.png Adamant kiteshield 1 Rare (1/100) 2,950
Blue d'hide chaps.png Blue d'hide chaps 1 Rare (1/100) 2,196
Red spiky vambs.png Red spiky vambs 1 Rare (1/100) 1,742
Rune dagger.png Rune dagger 1 Rare (1/100) 4,391
Battlestaff.png Battlestaff 1 Rare (1/100) 8,161


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Curry leaf.png Curry leaf 1 Common (1/10) 70
Snape grass.png Snape grass 1 Common (1/10) 271
Air rune.png Air rune 30–60 Common (1/10) 150–300
Oak plank.png Oak plank 4 (noted) Common (1/10) 2,028
Gold bar.png Gold bar 5 (noted) Common (1/10) 230
Gold ore.png Gold ore 1 Common (1/10) 206
Empty candle lantern.png Empty candle lantern 1 Common (1/10) 5
Unicorn horn.png Unicorn horn 1 Common (1/10) 230
Clue scroll (medium).png Clue scroll (medium) 1 Uncommon (1/25) Not sold
Wild pie.png Wild pie 1 Rare (1/100) 813
Watermelon seed 5.png Watermelon seed 3 Rare (1/100) 213
Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore 10 (noted) Rare (1/100) 10,500
Slayer's respite.png Slayer's respite 2 (noted) Rare (1/100) 64
Diamond.png Diamond 1 Rare (1/100) 1,891