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Ecto-tokens are the currency of Port Phasmatys. Players need two of them to purchase access to the city if they have not completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest, or to buy ale yeast (takes 5 ecto-tokens). Ecto-tokens are also used to charge a bonecrusher and each token gives 25 charges. You can still charter a ship to Port Phasmatys, for a variable fee depending on the port of origin. During or after the Animal Magnetism quest, they can also be used to purchase an undead chicken (20 ecto-tokens). The Ghost Captain will also accept Ecto-tokens (25 each time or 500 for unlimited) for a trip to Dragontooth Island.

Obtaining Ecto-tokens

Players can earn ecto-tokens by worshipping the Ectofuntus; five tokens are granted per worship. Players can only worship 200 times before the Ectofuntus is full. Players must claim their earned ecto-tokens (200 worships will grant 1000 ecto-tokens) in order to continue worshipping. To redeem the ecto-tokens, players must talk to a ghost disciple while wearing the ghostspeak amulet.

To worship the Ectofuntus, you must have bones, empty pots, and buckets. On the east side of the Ectofuntus there are stairs, which will take you to the bone grinder. Use the bone on the loader. On the west side of the Ectofuntus there is a trap door. Go down, and follow the path all the way to the bottom. You will need to use your buckets on the slime to obtain Ectoplasm. You will need a pot of Bonemeal for every bucket of Ectoplasm. Now you can worship the Ectofuntus.

Once you have worshipped the Ectofunctus, you may retrieve your tokens by speaking to one of the Ghost Disciples while wearing the ghostspeak amulet. Each combination of Ectoplasm and Bonemeal results in five Ecto-tokens.


Some quests require ecto-tokens: