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Ed is an NPC found in the Unmarked Grave west of the Wintertodt Camp. He can be reached by running from the hidden trail north-west corner of the camp.

Speaking to him will reveal that he is searching for the helm of raedwald in order to complete his clue hunter outfit.

Ed, found at the gravesite of an unknown individual.


  • Player: Hello.
  • Ed: Hello friend.
  • Player: What are you doing here?
    • Ed: I'm looking for a helmet. I know it's buried somewhere.
    • Player: And you think that somewhere is here?
    • Ed: I don't know. I've tried everywhere else so it might be.
    • Player: Maybe you're missing something important.
    • Ed: Maybe you're right. I just don't know anymore.
  • Player: That's a nice outfit.
    • Ed: Thank you. I just wish I had the helmet to go with it.
  • Player: Hey your hair is on fire!
    • Ed: Get out of it!
  • Player: Goodbye.
    • Ed: See you later.

If the player is wearing the helm of raedwald:

  • Ed: That helmet! Where did you get it?
  • Player: I found it.
  • Ed: Where?
  • Player: I can't tell you that. It would ruin the fun. You'll have to work it out for yourself.
  • Ed: Arhhh!