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Elder wand is a temporary item found only in tournament worlds.
The contents of this page refer to an item only available on temporary tournament worlds as a means to test the item before release.
Elder wand detail

The elder wand was a wand requiring 75 Magic to wield that can autocast Ancient Magicks. It was only available from the tournament supplies table in a tournament world during the week of 18 August 2016 to 25 August 2016.

Due to the wand being released as a beta weapon with the intention of testing its power, its graphics and appearance was a pink master wand, and did not represent the final design. Its final design featured an improved magic damage bonus and was renamed as the kodai wand.

Combat styles

CombatStyles staff Combat style Type Experience
Bash Crush Attack and Hitpoints
Pound Crush Strength and Hitpoints
Focus Crush Defence and Hitpoints
Spell Magic Magic and Hitpoints
Spell (Defensive) Magic Magic, Hitpoints and Defence

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